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Bringing the power of plant protein to everyone

Whether you’re a flexitarian, vegetarian or carnivore - or just want to be healthier - we believe the food you eat should taste good and be good for you.

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A Fresh Take on Protein

Raised & Rooted celebrates plant protein that’s nutritious and delicious. It’s a revolutionary new way to bring the power of plants into everyday eating. Our crispy, golden nuggets and tenders contain 8 grams of protein per serving.


These aren’t just the spicy nuggets you love. They’re the spicy nuggets you love made with plant protein. Now you can enjoy plant based protein without sacrificing the mouthwatering flavors you crave.

Little Nuggets with Big Protein

How can a plant based nugget deliver so much protein? Simple. You make it with a perfect blend of pea protein isolate and golden flaxseed. Taste and protein in a delicious nugget bite.

News Nuggets

We're pretty game-changing, but don't just take our word for it.

"These nuggets are still very new to the market and are produced under the Tyson brand umbrella. The "chicken" is made using pea protein, but what we like most about these is the breading. If you're a sucker for a McDonald's chicken nugget, this battered option is going to be your slam dunk."

Food Network — Are Plant Based Chicken Nuggets the New Meatless Burger?

"Everyone is getting into the alternative meat game, but not always with delicious results. I’ve had some questionably flavored faux chicken nuggets in the past, so I approached these frozen guys with skepticism. Turns out, they’re really delicious! They taste savory and salty and fast-food-y, like good nuggs should, and the coating bakes up nice and crisp."

The Kitchn — The Best New Groceries to Hit Supermarket Shelves This October

"This frozen brand made with pea protein wowed our kid tasters with the requisite crispy coating and dunkable shape. They have about one-third less saturated fat than the average white-meat chicken nuggets."

Parents — Parents' Best Green Product Picks of 2020

"A great alternative to our kid favorite chicken nuggets, but a lot healthier so moms and dads can feel good about it!"

Fox6 / Yahoo! — 5 simple ways you can keep your family happy and healthy

"Plant Based Raised & Rooted Whole Grain Tenders are made with pea protein fiber and whole grain breading, and have 8g protein and 6g fiber per serving. Best of all, they actually do taste like chicken! Find them in the frozen aisle."

Relish — First Bite "On Shelves"

"In October, Tyson partnered with Jack in the Box to launch The Unchicken Sandwich, the fast-food chain’s first meatless sandwich made with a Raised & Rooted vegan chicken patty."

Veg News — Tyson Drops Eggs from Its Plant Based Nuggets; Discontinues Half Vegan Blended Burger