Vegetarian? Flexitarian? Carnivore?

Raised & Rooted™ Plant-Based Protein

We’ve beefed up Your favorite foods with plants

And they taste oh so good. Whether it’s our blended patties or plant-based nuggets, we’re bringing the power of plant protein to everyone.

Hungry yet?

Nuggets Made with Plants!

Who doesn’t love nuggets? Raised & Rooted™ Nuggets are made with cravingly crispy batter and provide plant-based protein for a great tasting meal or snack.

Plant-Based Protein
33%Less Saturated Fat*
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* USDA Data for White Meat Chicken Nuggets

Patties Blended with Beef & Plant Protein!

There’s a tasty new guest coming to grills and gatherings everywhere. It’s Raised & Rooted™ Patties blended with Angus beef and plant protein. With 19 grams of protein per serving, fewer calories*, less saturated fat* but with all the juicy taste

40%Less Calories*
60%Less Saturated Fat*
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*Compared to 80% lean beef, 20% fat burger

Don't Change Who You Are to Improve How You Eat

Everyone deserves to eat well. That’s why we’re revolutionizing what plants can do in delicious and nutritious ways.


We’ve harnessed the power of plants to make mouthwatering meat alternatives with plant-based protein.


Don’t believe our plant-based products can taste good and be nutritious? Try us! Our delicious plant-based nuggets and blended Angus beef & plant protein patties combine your favorite familiar flavors with better nutrition.

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No need to search specialty stores. You’ll find our Nuggets in the frozen aisle and our Patties in the fresh meat section of select supermarkets.

Where to Buy Us

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What’s in Raised & Rooted™ products? How are they made? Are they nutritious? How do they taste? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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